Computer virus doom

Does anyone know anything about a computer virus calling itself Spyware Protect 2009 that seems to have lodged itself on my comuter and I can't get it off?
Please help!


Industrial Sonic Echo and stART on the Street

Well, hello everybody!
Once again, it's time for Worcester's favorite wild performance art group and Worcester's annual arts and music street festival to converge.
I bet your wondering why this post is coming only a a few short days before Industrial Sonic Echo plays this year's stART on the Street festival this Sunday, right? Well, the simple fact is that we were waiting to find out our start time....and now we have! The festival this year starts at 11AM and runs until 5PM, and will spread out across Park Ave between Pleasant Street and Elm Street.  ISE will be playing on the "Second Stage" in the Bank of America Parking lot at 3PM. 
As if seeing ISE perform in all their strangeness is not a good enough reason, come out to support local artisits, musicians, and vendors, and a festival that started small and has kept gaining momentum year after year through the efforts of a small group of dedicated people who put in alot of hard work.
For more information about the festival:
Industrial Sonic Echo on Myspace:
Hope to see you there!
Kae & Industrial Sonic Echo

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So...since it appears that it might be past the "I can't talk about it 'cause I might jinx it phase", I will tell you that I am pretty damned smitten.

David Byrne's "Playing the Building"

 Or, what I did this weekend:

I went to NYC to drive a friend and a cat to the city, and while I was there I played an entire building via an old organ, a bunch of wires, some solenoids, some motors, and David Byrne. I really had fun wandering around the city, walking Greenwich Villge and Chelsea at night, exploring the Chelsea Market today, which is architecturally luscious, and has some damn good bakeries as well. Mmm, dark chocolate ganache cupcakes.  My apologies to anyone I failed to return phone calls to, I was as usual trying to pack too much stuff into too little time, and also, I never hear that damn Treo phone ring.

I drove past the WTC site for the first time since I watched the buildings fall live on TV. Pretty intense. 
That's understated. It was a strange correlation with exploring reclaimed buildings and the gaping absence of building that was the site. 

I drove cheerfully out of the city thinking "Why the hell don't I come here more often? Why has it been more than a year since I visited, what with the free place to stay and all?". Then I hit the traffic. Then I stayed in The Traffic allllll the way past Stamford. Yeah.

Somebody please explain the Summer Nationals to me.

Or more specifically, the "burnouts"?
All this means to me is constant headaches from the noise and the clouds of burning rubber that float through my house every time I am so bold as to open a window to enjoy the breeze. I mean, I get the fancy cars, but what the fuck is the joy in squealing tires and burnt rubber asphyxiation??? 
Please help.
Love, Kae

good thoughts request

My friend Vic, who some of you met at Ted's birthday party, is going in for double hip replacement surgery today. Any prayers or good wishes would be most welcome. Thanks. 

dear everyone,

I went to Boston Pride this weekend and had a fabulous time...
and then managed to lose my phone on the subway.
If you think that I should have your phone number, please email it to me, as all is lost.
Including the phone number I got from a cute girl.

Whilst stranded on the side of 290:

Me to the towtruck guy as he puts on my donut (after a valiant struggle with my lug nuts that left me feeling justified in waiting for AAA instead of doing it myself at 11PM in the dark on I290): 
"When I was young and stupid I once drove to the Cape on one of those."

Towtruck guy to me:
"Yeah, well when *I* was young and stupid, I once drove a year and a half on one of those."

"Oh, you totally win. I only went from Boston to Provincetown and back." 

Industrial Sonic Echo's 20th Anniversary Bash

ISE’s 20th Anniversary


Industrial Sonic Echo is celebrating 20 years!

They appear with special guests (including Dave Nader and George Sampson)  begining at 7PM on Saturday, April 26, at:

The Arc
50 Lagrange Street
Worcester, MA.

Details to follow.

Also, catch them at Noise Day at Clark University, on the common, also on Saturday April 26th. ISE starts at 2:30.